TCFD consulting for a leading climate change solutions technology provider

Study Type:

Assist our client in building a more robust climate database and reduce amount of time to conduct climate-related disclosure assessments & analysis with regards to TCFD framework.

Proposed Deliverables:

Based on their requirements, the following approach was adopted mutually with the client: • Assess climate related disclosure of publicly traded companies across diverse information sources and analyze climate related media publications along with timeframe analysis • Review and enhance the machine learning model and support their climate strategists to build climate leader benchmark models • Identify data aggregation efficiencies and build robust quality tracking mechanism to ensure accurate information across the database

Research Methodology:

A desk-based research approach was institutionalized alongside climate related data aggregation by deploying dedicated ESG experts and sector specialists. In-depth information on the data was mined and validated across geographies and diverse sectors. Effective automation technology was adopted to accelerate data validation process and comprehensive multi-level quality assurance was conducted.


Our ESG team added value to our client by delivering comprehensive climate consulting, including data validation and analysis. We maintained a consistent 99%+ quality of data validation and analysis and exceeded productivity expectation by 45% month-on-month. The overall project scaled our client’s universe significantly within 12 months along with a robust growth in their subscription.

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