Who We Serve?

Asset owners & managers

We assist our clients in building sustainable/responsible investment portfolio, screen companies from an ESG lens for both investment and divestment activities, perform data research, build thematic & impact reports to help in strategic decision making. Alongside, we also enable our clients with active ownership solutions and building comprehensive ESG technology platforms & AI models to streamline the research process & enhance efficiency.

Information Providers

Our ESG data analysts possess immense exposure in collecting ESG data, and climate information among others for global issuers and diverse sectors across 500 indicators, and multiple ESG frameworks, including SASB, GRI, and TCFD among others. Our team includes language specialists across Europe and Asia and are experts in both ESG fundamental data and multi-media information, including ESG controversies.

Private Equity

We help private equities in building sustainable investment strategies and assisting their active involvement in integrating ESG into a portfolio, including ESG screening, and due diligence among others through robust materiality assessment, performing robust secondary & primary research.


Our corporate ESG solutions are built to identify best practices, sustainable organic and inorganic growth opportunities, and peer benchmarking. Alongside, we also assist companies in end-to-end sustainability reporting, operational improvement, and multi-stakeholder training sessions to augment ESG understanding.

Consulting houses

Create a robust mechanism to identify, prioritize, and routinely engage with stakeholders across the global supply chain to ensure the company's programs are being adopted and implemented appropriately.