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ESG Landscape in the Middle East Region – Regulation, Investments, Latest Initiatives by Industry Participants

With more than 1/3rd of the global oil resources located in the Middle East as of 2021, Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) is becoming an increasingly important factor for businesses in the Middle East as this region strives to improve sustainability and social responsibility.... Read More »

Understanding the Environmental Pillar In ESG

The Environmental Pillar for ESG framework underlines the organization’s environmental impact, carbon footprint, resource management, and environmental sustainability. The environmental policies in the corporate sector are becoming a mandate to comply with the broader scale of ESG as the trend of anticipating environmental sustainability in business models has become the new normal... Read More »

Tracking the Right ESG Metrics

ESG metrics comprise the necessary flags where practitioners need to resolve the concerns that can create roadblocks to the overall smooth functioning of the organization. However, with the pursuit of metrics and parameters, tracking down the right metrics comprehensively can be a real challenge encountered by business corporations.... Read More »

Three Major Significances of ESG in the Corporate Environment

Corporatism involves a vast number of policies at the organizational level that structure and define the rights and responsibilities of the interest groups and stakeholders. The interest groups may comprise of external shareholders and investors.... Read More »

ESG Lexicon - Standard Terms and Definitions Used Globally

A list of officially recognozed terms, and their definitions used by ESG professionals worlwide.... Read More »

Fundamentals of Astra - ESG Compliance and Metrics

ESG compliance is fast growing and exercises a significant impact on the business decisions of an organization to function smoothly. It is imperative that a corporation needs to adapt to the fast-changing needs of the market to continue through its dynamics, however, measuring the impact of the change and driving toward the right value is a real challenge... Read More »