We have over the last decade leveraged our expertise in market intelligence to diversify into designing one of the only complete market intelligence solution providers. We help over 3,000 clients a year with solutions ranging from business research solutions to supplier/competitive intelligence & ESG consulting.

ESG Thematic Reports

Our off-the-shelf, thematic ESG research studies paint a holistic picture of an industry and provide essential clarity for strategic decision making. We achieve this through a careful coordination of industry, regional, and market knowledge and a rigorous process of best-practice models, research methodologies, and comprehensive ESG analysis. Our reporting entails a comprehensive, macro-level analysis of the policy and regulatory landscape for ESG impact, including trending themes, emerging news and events, and industry dynamics and development that affect every aspect of the business environment. Additionally, our approach deep dives into the overall operations of top industry players and assess them across 70+ ESG indicators that cut through various global frameworks, such as GRI, TCFD, SASB, etc. and are derived following an intense materiality analysis.

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Materials
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Utilities

ESG Dashboard & Benchmarking tool

Astra ESG is a best-in-class ESG thematic database designed to help business leaders navigate dynamic and uncharted territory. Trusted by the world’s premiere academic institutions and companies, it is a flexible, business intelligence dashboard solution that provides trending ESG themes for both organic and inorganic growth; industry-wide sustainability best practices; industry leaders and laggards assessments with ESG scores at company-level generated through 70+ material ESG indicators; and access to multiple customized reports that can be configured to aid in any style of analysis and strategic planning. With more than 100 reports published each year and a dedicated staff of more than 50+ analysts, Astra ESG assists in gathering, analyzing, and leveraging data that drills down into the specifics of an industry or region. You determine your level of access and service based on your unique needs, with the option to expand service with dedicated support teams.

ESG Data Solutions

Leverage our team as an extended arm to aggregate ESG data. We can support clients in defining ESG indicators, building SOPs and guidelines, and aggregating ESG fundamental data by building data collection platforms or collecting data on the client’s system. This offering will focus on collecting data across various ESG indicators and asset classes.Our ESG data analysts have a cumulative experience of 100+ years of ESG data collection. They boast immense exposure in collecting ESG data for global companies and diverse sectors across 500 indicators, and multiple ESG frameworks, including SASB, GRI, and TCFD among others.

Corporate Sustainability Reports

Develop a suitable end-to-end reporting framework that analyzes the materiality of cross-sector companies, reflects input from relevant stakeholders, and provides consultation to overcome ESG challenges both for the company's operations and supply chain.

Stakeholder Engagement Programs

Create a robust mechanism to identify, prioritize, and routinely engage with stakeholders across the global supply chain to ensure the company's programs are being adopted and implemented appropriately.