Waste Recycling Services Industry ESG Thematic Rep

Waste Recycling Services Industry ESG Thematic Report, 2023

Compliance, ESG Challenges & Framework, ESG Trends

  • Published Date: Nov, 2022
  • Report ID: Astra-100149
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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in Waste Recycling Services Industry

ESG factors are becoming more important to investors, and customers are demanding that businesses share their own values. The leadership and effective approach required for sustainable growth are demonstrated by a company's ability to manage environmental, social, and governance issues.

Environmental considerations play a significant role in this equation and can have an immediate effect on the business by looking at how waste and recycling are managed. Electronic devices of all kinds are in high demand worldwide in both residential and commercial settings. The global production and consumption of related devices have increased in response to the increased uptake of cutting-edge digital technologies, which has resulted in a significant amount of e-waste production. E-waste is known to contain some hazardous materials, such as lead, calcium, and beryllium. Therefore, when it comes to waste management and recycling, e-wastes require specific consideration. In the upcoming years, the volume of e-waste is expected to expand quickly, propelling the global industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic's restrictions on commercial activities have caused disruptions in the waste recycling industry. The demand for waste recycling services is anticipated to increase in response to growing waste management issues and waste disposal challenges.

ESG Trends

A survey found that roughly 28% of customers said they had stopped buying products or brands due to concerns regarding ethics or sustainability of the product. Businesses will continue to enjoy the loyalty of their more demanding customers if they can demonstrate a sincere commitment to managing their waste. Additionally, a company's commitment to its customers will surely result in more significant, long-term financial advantages. Waste recycling businesses can have an impact on their reputation, carbon footprint, operational expenses, and resource efficiency in one of their core operational areas: sustainable waste management.

Companies that recycle waste have started giving recycling and reusing items, parts, and materials a higher priority than pointless disposal of them. Practices like these can have a positive environmental impact as they encourage a more strategic approach to producing and managing waste. Many waste recycling companies are already making efforts in this direction.

ESG Challenges

The effect waste has on the environment cannot be understated. The major challenges for waste recycling companies from ESG perspective include Poorly trained employees, recruitment of employees in areas with low employment, lack of industry expertise, safety for workers, expensive or inadequate services.

Growth of the Waste Recycling Services Market

The global waste recycling services market size to be valued at USD 81.3 billion by 2028 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% during the forecast period. During the forecast period, it is expected that growing consumer awareness of the advantages of waste recycling will have positive impact on the market growth.

The adoption of strict rules has accelerated waste recycling research and development efforts, which is anticipated to foster market expansion throughout the forecast period. There have been many different disposal methods and procedures developed because of growing knowledge about the importance of efficient waste disposal for the protection of both human and animal health.

High levels of toxic substances found in trash, including metals and salts, have forced waste-generating businesses to promptly recycle or dispose of the material. Global domestic housing demand is expected to be driven by urban population expansion and rising disposable incomes. Improvements to the housing market will therefore increase the uptake of these recycling services, which will in turn spur market expansion over the projection period.

Key Companies in this theme

    • Eurokey recycling ltd.

    • Northstar recycling

    • Triple M Metal LP

    • Amdahl corp.

    • Interface inc.

    • Covanta

Scope of the Waste Recycling Services Industry ESG Thematic Report:

    • Macro-economic and ESG-variable analysis of the industry, including regulatory, policy, and innovation landscape

    • Key insights on infrastructure developments and ESG issues affecting the theme

    • Identify key initiatives and challenges within the industry

    • Identify ESG leaders within the industry

    • Understand key initiatives and the impact of companies within the sector to fuel an informed decision-making process

    • Analysis of industry activities based on multi-media sources, including significant controversies and market sentiment

Key Benefits of the Waste Recycling Services Industry ESG Thematic Report:

    • Developing a comprehensive understanding of macro-economic, Policies & Regulations and innovations affecting the waste recycling services sector, globally

    • Key insights into environmental developments and ESG issues affecting the theme

    • Identifying ESG risks and opportunities to business among leading players in the waste recycling services industry

    • Obtaining a clear and relevant understanding of company actions, progress, and impact and find opportunities for investment

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