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Astra is an ESG database and consulting service that equips companies and investors with the in-depth research and actionable insight they need to support their bottom lines and their values.

Establishing effective, forward-thinking sustainable business practices with healthy ROI and measurable impact has become a top priority for business leaders around the globe.

We've leveraged our extensive experience in reporting and consulting on global markets to develop a robust, end-to-end offering that helps companies identify, monitor, and apply relevant ESG strategies to their businesses.

ESG Theme Assessment Reports

Take a deep dive into the themes and competitive landscape disrupting your industry through extensive benchmarking and ranking. Our robust interactive dashboards can be customized to focus on your top priorities.

ESG Theme Assessment
ESG Data Solution

ESG Data Solution

Get best-in-class, actionable ESG data, curated by experienced ESG analysts.

This cost-effective access can be easily integrated with your internal tools and customized to the indicators and metrics most critical to your business.

Competitive Benchmarking & Assessment

Create a full picture of your sustainability landscape by analyzing potential gaps with competitors and identifying opportunities for improvement within your organization - all through in-depth internal assessment and stakeholder engagement.

From there, we help you develop best-in-class ESG strategies that align with your company philosophy and establish robust tracking mechanisms to measure their ROI.

Competitive Benchmarking & Assessment
GVR Pipeline supplier intelligence

Corporate Sustainability Reports

Develop a suitable end-to-end reporting framework that analyzes the materiality of cross-sector companies, reflects input from relevant stakeholders, and provides consultation to overcome ESG challenges both for the company's own operations and supply chain.

Stakeholder Engagement Programs

Create a robust mechanism to identify, prioritize and routinely engage with stakeholders across the global supply chain to ensure the company's programs are being adopted and implemented appropriately.

GVR Pipeline

We Offer Best-In-Class ESG Consulting

Astra services are built around the highest international standards and cover major reporting frameworks, foundational sustainability pillars, and a wide range of ESG material issues.

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  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Climate change
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Energy
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Waste
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Natural resources


  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Health & safety
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Quality employment
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Product responsibility
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark supply chain management


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  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Compensation
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Ethics
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Risk management

Benefits of Astra

  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Postively impact profitability
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Improve operational efficiency
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Select aligned business partners
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Target divestment strategies
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Enables sustainable decision-making
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark Supports responsible investment strategies
  • GVR Pipeline checkmark And more
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